Alexander Jacobchuk was born in Cherche, Ukraine. 
1964 - 1968 Music School, city of Kamenets - Podilskiy, Ukraine.
1968 - 1971 College of Music, city of Khmelnytskiy, Ukraine
1971 - 1976 Faculty of Composition, Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, city of Kiev, Ukraine. In 1976 graduated with a degree in composition. Was awarded the qualification of a teacher of composition and theoretical subjects.
In 1981 - 1988 All-Union Composer's Seminars, city of Ivanovo, Russia under the direction of Professor Yuriy Fortunatov from Moscow State Conservatory, specialized in a symphonic orchestration and instrumentation
1976 - 1979 Music Editor, Ukrainian State Radio Company, city of Kiev, Ukraine
1979 - 1983 Conductor and a Head of a Music Department of the Kiev Youth Theatre
1983 - 1991 Composer-in-residence. Performed as a pianist and accompanist to vocalists and instrumentalists at concerts throughout Ukraine and Europe
1991 - 1993 Concertmaster in the Opera House, city of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, and choirmaster of "Svetozar Markovich" choir, city of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
1993 - 1994 Composer-in-residence, city of Kiev, Ukraine
1995 - 2009 Teacher of composition and theoretical subjects, the Jacobchuk's Studio, Etobicoke.
1999 - 2009 Teacher of composition, the North Toronto Institute of Music, city of Toronto.
2009 - present Teacher of composition and theoretical subjects at the Compositionís Department of the National Academy of Music of Ukraine, city of Kyiv.
He received a number of prizes for the compositions, including Laureates from five National Music Competitions of Ukraine and three International Music Competitions held in Europe in the 1990s.